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PSE Data Security is a leading developer and provider of strong security solutions for business critical enterprise applications.

PSE provides low impact and application transparent solutions that work with the major ERP Vendor solutions such as Oracle™ (including PeopleSoft™) and  SAP™, without significant effort.

We enable clients in protecting their sensitive data in financials, manufacturing, human resources, global payroll, and customer relationship.

PSE Data Security is based in Switzerland where data privacy is a corporate priority. Now clients in other countries can also benefit from the cutting edge technology developed to meet the stringent Swiss regulations.

During the development cycle, when real volume and spread of data is required in non-production instances, PSEscramble enables the anonymisation of the data while guaranteeing that all proceeses, such as Payroll, run to completion and produce verifiable results.

In production, PSEencryption can encrypt data at rest in the database and/or encrypt and decrypt data on the fly.  This allows a comprehensive set of rules to be executed to determine whether a particular use, application, or process will see or return plain text or encrypted data.  The rules can be based on many parameters such as location, employee id, ip address, application, process, date, time, role, manager, and so on.

Together, our products provide a complete data protection solution.  Our licensing model is a revolution and our consultancy + software pakcages are unbeatable in the field of data privacy.

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